Spring rider Hippo
Spring rider Hippo

Spring rider Hippo 10053

Spring rider Hippo is made of HDPE plastic, whose feature is very high toughness and resistance on atmospheric factors with saving a rich offer of colours. Various patterns of spring riders made them very popular on every playground.


  • Width
    0,48 m
  • Length
    0,68 m
  • Height
    0,86 m
  • Minimum space required
    3,82 m x 3,43 m
  • HIC
    0.45 m
  • Impact area F
    11.17 m2
  • Depth of foundations
    -0,60 m
  • Dimensions of biggest part
    2,00 x 0,50 x 0,20 m
  • Weight of heaviest item
    32 kg
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