Here are the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your problem, feel free to contact us and we will find a solution together.

Interior solutions

What sizes of playgrounds do you produce?

We assemble playground solutions according to the size, color and elements you want.

Do you also produce theme parks?

Yes, we have contracts with several brands (such as Angry Birds), please contact us for more details.

Would it be possible to redesign a climbing structure and add new elements?

Yes, it is possible. This solution is definitely cheaper than buying a new one.

Does the used inventory have a warranty?

Yes, 1 year.

How long is the delivery time?

Usually up to 4 weeks if we have the necessary items in stock.

Will you also buy my used playground / climbing structure?

Yes, such an opportunity exists, write to us as if you are interested.

Is it possible to see the elements / color schemes before ordering?

Yes, the samples are in our warehouse at Kõrtsi Street 7, Lehmja, Harjumaa.

Outdoor solutions

Do you also offer installation services?

Yes, we also offer complete solutions, design, landscaping and installation services, as well as transport.

Does the equipment have the necessary certificates?

Yes, all outdoor elements we sell have the necessary certificates for use in public spaces.

Do you also sell spare parts separately?

Yes. Most spare parts (swings, slides, etc.) are in stock.

How long are the delivery times?

Approximately 6 weeks, depending on the elements and quantities.

Do you also offer maintenance services?

Yes, we have also concluded maintenance agreements with many customers, so regular maintenance is also our task, the customer only has the pleasure of playing.

Is the playground equipment used in public spaces also suitable for use in home gardens?

Yes, of course. The equipment we sell is safer, tested and installed in a way as to be as safe as possible for its users. Confirmations of the respective tests are included in the certificates. Conventional home garden equipment does not have such confirmations.

Trampoline rental

What to consider when renting a trampoline?

Safety above all. Before renting, ask the lessor, whether the products offered are suitable for renting or for use in a public space, whether the trampoline meets the requirements of the European Union, has the appropriate certificates, and if the trampoline has a service book and a trampoline passport. If the lessor does not have these documents, do not use the services. Safety first.

How long is the normal rental period?

As a rule, the price includes 24 hours or one day.

Does the rental price also include the engine and stakes?

Yes, the set includes a trampoline, motor, mounting stakes, operating and installation instructions.

Which trampolines are safe to use?

All trampolines in public spaces, including rental trampolines, must comply with the standard EVS-EN 14960-2013. When renting a trampoline, be sure to ask the lessor if the trampoline complies with this standard.

Do you also offer installation and transport services?

Yes, we do. When ordering a trampoline, please add your address and contact details.

Do you also offer trailer rental if the trampoline does not fit in the car?

In general, yes, trampolines do not fit in a normal car, so we recommend using the trailer rental option (the cost is 15 euros). It is also more convenient to transport the trampoline on a trailer.

Where are your rental offices located?

It is possible to rent our trampolines in Tartu (Vitamiini Street 8) or Tallinn (Kõrtsi Street 7, Lehmja).

How often and how are the trampolines cleaned?

Cleaning after each use with special cleaning agents.


What standards must indoor playgrounds meet?

The standard EN-1176 and its subchapter EN-1176-10 applies in the European Union, which concerns more specifically indoor playgrounds.

What do the abbreviation PIPA mean?

PIPA is the organization responsible for the European Union standard EN14960 (design and manufacture of inflatable trampolines).

What do the abbreviation EN14960 mean?

EN14960 is a European Union standard that applies to any inflatable product for jumping and / or sliding and concerns safety conditions. All rental trampolines and other trampolines used in public places must comply with the EN14960 standard. Always ask your service provider.

What do the abbreviation RPII mean?

RPII is one of the most important testing organizations that checks whether a trampoline meets the requirements of EN14960 and is suitable for use as a rental product or for use in a public space. All data of tested products is also available to the public, as well asverifiable.


When it comes to playgrounds, safety is paramount. To ensure the latter, standards have been developed that playgrounds must meet and that minimize accidents which can occur.

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