What is important?

The playground/playground equipment (climbing structures, slides, swings, ball pits, etc.) must be inspected and checked as follows:

1) post-installation inspection, which must be performed before the playground is opened for public use (documented);

2) routine visual inspection; intended for identifying obvious hazards which may be caused by normal use, vandalism or weather conditions, at intervals specified by the operator (daily, documented);

3) operational inspection, which is more thorough than a routine visual inspection, to check the operation of the equipment (depending on the workload of the equipment, every 1-3 months, documented);

4) an annual basic inspection intended to identify the general safety level of the equipment, foundations and playground covers.

5) Emergency maintenance, which is performed immediately when a hazard has been found.

The annual basic inspection or the post-installation inspection must be carried out by an independent person, ie a competent person who was not directly involved in the installation and who is not responsible for any repairs or costs. The relevant person shall be appropriately trained and shall have the appropriate knowledge and practical experience to perform the required task. The inspection service is intended for all owners and operators of playgrounds who are responsible for the safety of the playgrounds.

Playcenter OÜ is certified by the leading European personnel certification company Safe To Play OY (s2p.fi), on the basis of which we offer the following risk assessment services:

(a) in-service monitoring and post-installation / pre-service inspection

(b) Subsequent routine maintenance and inspection (annual inspection by a certified and documented person).

Additional information about the risk assessment services we offer: info@playcenter.ee

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