Wind chest
Wind chest

Wind chest 90007

The Wind chest device has a didactic character. It is destined especially for the preschool age children. Having twirled the device with a roller, it gives sounds of wind. For the purpose of getting technical cards, we ask you to send a Request of Quotation.


  • Width
    0,30 m
  • Length
    0,87 m
  • Height
    1,20 m
  • Minimum space required
    3,70 m x 3,17 m
  • HIC
    0.00 m
  • Impact area F
    9.78 m2
  • Depth of foundations
    -0,60 m
  • Dimensions of biggest part
    0,90 x 0,70 x 0,20 m
  • Weight of heaviest item
    15 kg
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Ask for more information