Jim integration set
Jim integration set

Jim integration set 10006T

Jim integration set is a project which gives to the disabled children a possibility of active participation in playing with peers. The set requires a subgrade which makes possible the easy and secure moving on the playground, like a synthetic subgrade. The Jim set from the tropical collection is an unique union of interesting colours with high quality of used materials The set construction is made of pinewood, pasted in a multilayer way, painted in nut-brown colour. Refills are the plastic HDPE of high quality.

  • ‘Tic Tac Toe’ Interactive game: 1
  • Big platform 30 cm: 1
  • Driveway gangplank 30cm: 1
  • Horizontal ladder 244cm: 1
  • Slide 90cm: 1
  • Tower with roof, platform 90cm: 1
  • Vertical ladder: 1
  • Wide balcony: 1


  • Width
    5,25 m
  • Length
    7,40 m
  • Height
    3,20 m
  • Minimum space required
    10,31 m x 8,70 m
  • HIC
    1.65 m
  • Impact area F
    54.56 m2
  • Depth of foundations
    -0,60 m
  • Dimensions of biggest part
    3,60 x 1,50 x 0,20 m
  • Weight of heaviest item
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