The frog prince (stainless steel slide and crawl tunnel)

Colorful playground equipment for children aged 2 to 6. The playground equipment consists of a high play tower connected to a lower covered platform. The first tower consists out of three platforms one above the other. Beneath is a play floor where children can hide. The lowest platform is equipped with an abacus with HDPE polyethylene discs. The upper platform can be reached via an easy staircase with metal railings, a climbing arch and a rock wall with plastic climbing grips. The highest platform is at 1,91 m height and can be ascended via an incorporated spiral staircase. The upper platform is equipped with a curved metal balustrade with plastic steering wheel, a telescope and a spinning game. From the upper platform can be slid down via a metal spiral fireman’s pole. The whole is covered with a two-fold roof from rounded colorful HDPE polyethylene panels. One can go to the other playhouse by using the HDPE polyethylene crawl tunnel. The upper platform has a height of 93 cm and can be left via a stainless steel slide with HDPE polyethylene edges. The playhouse can be accessed via an easy staircase with metal handrails. Below a play floor was arranged, on top there is a bench. The roundwooden larch poles have a diameter of 10 cm and are fixed into or onto the ground using metal base supports.


  • Type of wood: larch
  • 10 cm thick round wooden poles cut outside the heart
  • All metal parts are polyester coated
  • HDPE Polyethylene sheet material
  • Ropes in 16 mm polypropylene rope with steel-wire reinforcement
  • Stainless-steel slide with HDPE polyethylene sidewalls
  • Handles, steering wheel and climbing grips in plastic
  • HDPE polyethylene crawl tunnel
  • Flower-shaped protection caps
  • Galvanized metal base supports
  • Non-slip rock wall


  • Dimensions
    5,2 x 2,8 x 4,4 m
  • Fall height
    1,95 m
  • Age
    3 - 6
  • Assembly
    2p. - 22h.
  • Safety zone
    52,5 m²
  • Certification
  • Concrete required
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