Star trek S (RAL 1001)

Challenging modern playground equipment for children aged 6 to 15. It is built out of 3 climbing constructions connected to eachother by an S-shaped combination unit. The first part has 2 climbing poles, connected to each other by a bended yellow ladder with rings. The highest pole has 3 climbing elements. Children can climb to the top of the Start Trek S by the bended snake climber. A bended net, placed between the central climbing pole and a bended tube, allows children to climb at the same time, at different heights. The start trek U can also be climbed via a bended climbing wall made out of HDPE polyethylene panel with several climbing and crawling possibilities. The climbing wall has plastic climbing grips and is fixed to the pole with aluminium clamps. A bean-shaped ladder and a climbing ring between 5 ropes allow children to climb the lowest pole. Both climbing poles are connected to each other by a bended yellow ladder with rings. A horizontal S-shaped red ladder connects the first part with the next platform. A spiral fireman’s pole and vertical ladder with rungs are connected to this S-shaped ladder. The last part of the Star Trek S has 4 poles with different climbing and sliding possibilities, a.o. a climbing net and fireman’s pole. The 4 poles are connected by a U-shaped bridge with U-stairs. A bean-shaped ladder and 2 sliding tubes are connected to the last 2 poles. The sliding tubes start with a platform in HDPE Polyethylene. All metal parts are treated against rust and polyester coated.


  • Metal poles of 127 mm diameter
  • Metal tubes 34, 43 and 48 mm
  • Metal parts polyester coated
  • Inox sliding tube 48 mm
  • Aluminium and plastic clamps
  • Plastic pole and protection caps
  • Sheet material and climbing grips in HDPE polyethylene
  • Ropes and nets in 16 mm polypropylene rope with steel-wire reinforcement
  • Flower-shaped protection caps in HDPE
  • The playground equipment is anchored in a concrete foundation


  • Dimensions
    14,2 x 6,5 x 3,3 m
  • Fall height
    2,95 m
  • Age
    6 - 15
  • Assembly
    2p. - 20h.
  • Safety zone
    106 m²
  • Certification
  • Concrete required
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