Seesaw Einstein

Standing seesaw for children from 4 to 12 years. The seesaw is made up of a green polyester-coated metal base support made of 2 bended metal tubes with a diameter of 63 mm. On top of the base support, 2 round-wooden larch poles cut outside the heart with a diameter of 12 cm are attached. The ends of the larch poles have red round disks made of HDPE polyethylene on which children can stand. These standing areas are bordered with a blue polyester-coated metal tube with a diameter of 33 mm. In the middle of the seesaw, on top of the hinge, there is an oval standing area made of HDPE polyethylene. A yellow bended polyester coated metal tube with a diameter of 42 mm serves as a handle. The hinge mechanism comprises a maintenance-free shaft with nylon sleeves. All nuts and bolts are completely covered with flower-shaped protection caps. Two tires to prevent coming down too hard are provided with the seesaw.


  • Type of wood: larch
  • Round wooden poles 12 cm thickness cut outside the heart
  • Metal tubes of 42, 63 and 127 mm diameter are treated against rust and polyester coated
  • Maintenance-free axes and turning mechanisms
  • HDPE Polyethylene sheet material 19 mm thick
  • Tires as shock absorbers
  • Flower-shaped protection caps


  • Dimensions
    3,8 x 0,7 x 1,4 m
  • Fall height
    4 - 122p. - 3h.25 m²EN-1176Yes
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