Sand winch with platform
Sand winch with platform

Sand winch with platform

A set that allows for fascinating play with sand. Develops the sense of planning, eye-hand coordination, imagination and teaches cooperation. It works best in the immediate vicinity of the sandbox.



Poles are fixed in the ground at a depth of 60 cm on steel anchors. Concrete according to the assembly instructions.


Rubber tiles

This equepment can be supplied with a rubber tile safty earea.

Artificial grass

For more information about artificial grass click below to read more


“Bearing posts have a diameter of 12 cm and are made of glue-laminated, round, wood, fixed 10 cm above the ground level with metal anchors.
Antislip platform.
All fittings and connectors are weather and UV resistant.
Wood elements are oiled or covered with a colour glaze.
Steel elements are protected against corrosion by zinc primer and powder paint coating.”


  • Unit measurements (L x B x H)
    100 x 100 x 240 cm
  • Required surface area
    300 x 300 cm
  • Free height of fall
    130 cm
  • Largest part
    12 x 300 cm
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