Round Trampoline 42140
Round Trampoline 42140

Round Trampoline 42140

The trampolines are still popular among adults and children. It is an attraction that attracts large numbers of people willing to play, both young and older.


Trampoline mounted on a profiled concrete foundation. Installation according to the instructions assembly.


Rubber tiles

This equepment can be supplied with a rubber tile safty earea.

Artificial grass

For more information about artificial grass click below to read more


The upper surface of the trampoline lined with a safe surface made of EPDM.
Trampoline construction made of sheet metal protected against corrosion by zinc layer. A jumping mat made of modular connectors with steel cables.
Springs adapted to trampolines, resistant to weather conditions.


  • Unit measurements (L x B x H)
    100 x 100 x 35 cm
  • Required surface area
    400 x 400 cm
  • Free height of fall
    60 cm
  • Largest part
    x cm
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