Combination of the Robin Hood’s hideout (S624), fortress (S602), crawling tunnel (S701) and net bridge (S703) with add-on climbing arch (S006), rock wall (S007), low fireman’s pole (S008), net climber (S013), low stainless steel slide (G112) and spiral slide (G402). Extra options are two benches and one table (S001), bar with abacus (S003), high fireman’s pole (S004), sand corner (S009), low spiral fireman’s pole (S014), sitting beam with 3 seats (S019) or the play panels (S033-S038).


  • Type of wood: larch; ladder rungs in ash
  • 12 cm thick round wooden poles cut outside the heart
  • Roof boards with edge 22 mm thickness
  • HDPE polyethylene sheet material 19 mm thick
  • Floor boards 22mm thick
  • Staircase with integrated rungs of 35 mm thickness
  • Low stainless-steel slide with HDPE polyethylene sidewalls
  • Spiral slide in polyethylene
  • Footbridge on steel wire; boards 45 x 95 mm
  • Climbing ladder with integrated rungs 40 mm
  • Ropes and nets in 16 mm polypropylene rope with steel-wire reinforcement
  • HDPE crawling tunnel
  • Galvanized metal base supports


  • Dimensions
    12,0 x 8,4 x 3,9 m
  • Fall height
    2,00 m
  • Age
  • Assembly
    3p. - 30h.
  • Safety zone
    132,5 m²
  • Certification
  • Concrete required
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