Module 0 - Wooden platform
Module 0 - Wooden platform

Module 0 – Wooden platform

The basic element for each module from the Mini Park series. In combination with modules, it creates various types of obstacles in the form of ladders, climbing, moving bridges.


Placing poles 80 cm below ground level.
Foundation according to assembly instructions.


Rubber tiles

This equepment can be supplied with a rubber tile safty earea.

Artificial grass

For more information about artificial grass click below to read more


Supporting column have a diameter of 14 cm and are made of glue-laminated, round, wood. Wooden platforms. Platforms with non-slip surface. Steel elements are protected against corrosion by zinc layer and powder paint coating.


  • Unit measurements (L x B x H)
    79 x 75 x 220 cm
  • Required surface area
    399 x 399 cm
  • Free height of fall
    0 cm
  • Largest part
    x cm
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