Metal playground equipment for children aged 6 to 12. This playground equipment has 2 vertical metal poles with a diameter of 127 mm and at the bottom connected to each other, via a connection, by a steep red metal tube (diameter 60 mm). On top, a rope is tightened between the poles. The purpose is to go from one side of the playground equipment to the other by crossing the red tube while holding the rope, without touching the soil. All metal parts are treated against rust and polyester coated. All nuts and bolts are completely covered by flower-shaped plastic protection caps.


  • Metal poles of 127 mm
  • Metal tubes of 34 and 60 mm
  • Polyester-coated metal parts
  • Aluminium and plastic clamps
  • Plastic pole caps
  • Ropes in 16 mm polypropylene rope with steel-wire reinforcement
  • HDPE polyethyene sheet material


  • Dimensions
    4,7 x 0,8 x 1,9 m
  • Fall height
    0,45 m
  • Age
    6 - 12
  • Assembly
    2p. - 4h.
  • Safety zone
    30 m²
  • Certification
  • Concrete required
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