Device functions: It strengthens the muscles of the legs and lower body. Improves physical coordination and affects the condition.
Method of use: Sit on the seat and grab handles, rest your feet
on the pedals. Press the pedals at different speeds.


Equipment will be installed 30 cm under ground level on a concrete foundation. Extra concrete is needed for more stability.


Rubber tiles

This equepment can be supplied with a rubber tile safty earea.

Artificial grass

For more information about artificial grass click below to read more


Powder coated zinc layer steel. Pole is made of a steel tubes diameter 114 mm. Holders and other tube elements are made of steel tube diameter 40 mm, 3,2 mm thickness. Seats: weather resistant HDPE. Pedals: stainless steel.


  • Unit measurements (L x B x H)
    112 x 74 x 184 cm
  • Required surface area
    255 x 374 cm
  • Free height of fall
    94 cm
  • Largest part
    0 x 0 cm
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