Lifesize scale for children aged 2 to 6. The playground equipment consists of a vertical construction made of larch. On this vertical construction is a horizontal beam attached. This beam can balance to the left or the right depending on the weight that put on one of both sides. On the left side of the horizontal beam, you can find a green plastic bowl. The children can use this bowl to store stones, sand, or other materials. On the other side of the beam, you can find a movable grey tube. Sand or other materials can slip through this tube. This playground equipment gives children a chance to gain insight into the weight of certain materials. In the middle of the horizontal beam, you can find a colorful abacus with sliding plastic discs.


  • Type of wood: padauk 120 x 57 mm and 42 x 35 mm
  • Metal tube
  • HDPE polyethylene sheet material and disks
  • Flower-shaped protection caps


  • Dimensions
    1,6 x 0,3 x 0,6 m
  • Fall height
    0,60 m
  • Age
    2 - 6
  • Assembly
    2p. - 3h.
  • Safety zone
    15,5 m²
  • Certification
  • Concrete required
  • Accessibility
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