Agility set with a bridge
Agility set with a bridge

Agility set with a bridge 30022-1C

In part of the agility set with a bridge, there enter: horizontal and sloping ladder, rope playset, pipe and a set for overhead kicks. That diversified elements composition guarantees its users not-being bored. Playing will become the best occasion for getting know new peers. In the classic collection,the set construction is present in 2 versions: in solid pinewood and pasted pinewood.

  • Coups set: 1
  • Diagonal ladder: 1
  • Horizontal ladder 244cm: 1
  • Mobile bridge: 1
  • Vertical twisted net: 1


  • Width
    6,04 m
  • Length
    8,42 m
  • Height
    ~2,39 m
  • Minimum space required
    11,91 m x 9,54 m
  • HIC
    2.20 m
  • Impact area F
    66.70 m2
  • Depth of foundations
    -0,60 m
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