Ball catcher cat/dog

Ball catcher dog/cat for children aged 3 to 12 years. One side of the basket has the shape of a dog, the other side of a cat. The diameter of the basket is 90 cm (110 cm on the outside boundaries) and the height is 1 m. The basket is made out of HDPE polyethylene. At the bottom of the basket there are 4 holes through which the balls can pass. The polyester-coated tube (diameter 12 cm) is firmly fixed in the ground or can be fixed onto a solid base, in the shape of a plastid tyre. . All metal parts are treated against rust and all nuts and bolts are completely protected.


  • Basket 0,9 m x H 1 m in HDPE polyethylene
  • Polyester-coated tube diameter 12 cm
  • Plastic truck tyre (type B)


  • Mõõdud
    Ø 1,1 x H 2,7 m
  • Vanusegrupp
  • Paigaldusaeg
    2p. - 2,5h. / 0,5h.
  • Sertifikaat
  • Betooni vajadus
  • Accessibility
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